Well, well. It’s been a wild few months. Lots of cloud, Office 365, Kinect & Windows 8 dev work…and a new job to boot. Lots of posts forthcoming.

I decided, after lots of debating, that it was time to move on from my old day gig to something that would give me bit more exposure to the consumer side of software development. Corporate IT shops are great places, no doubt, but consumer-focused software is a totally different animal. Use cases are typically simpler, but user choice is a whole lot more wide open…and when user choice = amount of money in pocket, UI & UX suddenly become a lot more important.

Anyway, I’ve got a ton of technical stuff on deck to talk about, everything from how to write Metro apps that use Kinect to how to manage multiple deployments (UAT/beta/prod) of your azure instances to configuring SSO through ADFS with Azure & Office 365…lots of good stuff!