Commenting on Engadget — The Humor

Engadget is a great site. I get the RSS feed plunked into Outlook, so I read most of what comes down the wire. While the articles are usually pretty good, the commenters are the best. Flame wars, comment trolls, the whole deal — it’s the whole package. For a long time, it was a simple uprank\downrank comment system. Then they changed things, and introduced a new, slick interface (that didn’t work with IE8). Shortly thereafter, they decided to go to Disqus (which just happens to be what I use here — too much spam).

Seems they customized the disqus system, which is great — although they left one part out. Upranking is still a part of the new system, but to many people’s chagrin, the ability to ‘downrank a comment into oblivion’ has disappeared. People were upset — in fact, I think the most-read comments were the ones trapped in the oblivion-purgatory-hell.

Today, for whatever reason, a single article showed up with the old commenting system…needless to say, mutiny ensued:

Simple hack turns the Magic Trackpad into a USB-powered affair
_While many hacks we feature on these virtual pages are terrifyingly complex, this one is anything but. Even more…