Currently Chrome Extension NOAA Fix

UPDATE — the original creators have updated their extension to use wunderground. I’ll be taking mine down today, you can get their original one below.

There’s a great Google Chrome extension called Currently that replaces your ‘new tab’ screen with the current time, current weather & the next four days’ forecasts. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and really enjoyed it’s simplicity, but unfortunately it stopped working the other day…a casualty of the Google Weather API being shut down.

So I decided I’d try to hack something together, at least for my own use. It uses NOAA data (which, unfortunately makes is US only, for now), and it requires a lat/lon vs. only a zip or city name.

I’m releasing it here as an unpacked extension (download the zip, extract it, then go to extensions in Chrome and hit ‘load unpacked extension’), and as a CRX.

Also available in the Chrome Web Store here:


If I can move to the MSN API & find a good zip-to-lat/lon converter, then I should be able to remedy those issues, although by then the original creators may have updated their extension.