Great free BlackBerry Screenshooter

I was looking for a quick way to take screenshots of my BlackBerry 9700. I don’t have a miniUSB cable, since someone at work swiped it, so I needed an alternative to BBScreenShooter. While I think this is something that should be baked into the OS, I don’t have time for what should have been.

I found one on BB AppWorld, called Screenshot, and it was terrible. Great if you want 20% of your screen dedicated to a watermark, plus inability to take screenshots away from the homescreen. Pretty lame.

There were more on AppWorld, but some people wanted as much as four or five bucks! For a screenshot app! Ridiculous.

Then I stumbled over vScreenshot, which is supposedly part of some application suite called Vayyoo. I don’t know what Vayyoo or whatever is, but I know this screenshot app is free, it shows up as a menu item, it doesn’t watermark and it works fine. Saves images to your pictures folder.

Get to downloadin’

BlackBerry World - vScreenshot
_vScreenshot works in conjunction with the Super App Finalist Vayyoo application (…