‘No item exists at’ on public sharepoint site

Here at WTFHQ, I’ve been working on building a SharePoint based public website for our company, dressed to the nines — master page, page layouts, themes, the works. I noticed, however, that I couldn’t edit or view properties of damn near anything. So I did what any SharePoint person does when confronted with a ​problem — I deleted the site collection.

Sufficiently proud with my ‘everything is a nail’ approach, my hubris soon turned to fury as I realized that the problem wasn’t rectified. Not content to say ‘I was wrong,’ I created an entirely new instance of Office 365 to test my theory.

Surely, this is the problem.

Well, no. The problem kept on happening. Change master page, click ‘View Properties’ or ‘Edit Properties,’ and watch the world burn.

Seattle is your savior.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix (although it’s not something we should have to go through anyway). Head over into your Site Settings → Site Master Page (_layouts/15/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx). Once you’re here, you want to set your System Master Page to seattle. It appears that none of the other master pages will work — perhaps it’s because they’re HTML-based…I’d suspect it’s something to do with how the ID parameter gets handled, but since I’m exclusively SharePoint Online, access to ULS is verboten. You can try this bug out yourself — it’s happened on both developer preview sites & brand-new RTM E3 sites, so I’m pretty sure it’s not intended.