Removing the SalesLogix ActiveMail ActiveX Control

Made the mistake of installing the SalesLogix ActiveMail ActiveX Control? Kicking yourself because there’s no entry in Add\Remove Programs? Screwed up your Outlook with recklessly coded add-ins? Fret not, there is a way.

Copy the text below into a text file, and save it as filename.bat. Run an elevated command prompt and execute the script. This will de-register all of the SalesLogix ActiveMail assemblies and COM servers.

Be sure to note — if you’re using an x64 OS, change the path from c:\windows\system32 to c:\windows\syswow64.


rem change path to c:\windows\syswow64 for x64 systems

cd c:\windows\system32

regsvr32 /u slmn.dll

regsvr32 /u SlxEmailNotifier.dll

regsvr32 /u SLXMMGUIW.dll

regsvr32 /u SLXDocW.dll

regsvr32 /u SLXMMEngineW.dll

regsvr32 /u SLXFaxW.dll

regsvr32 /u SLXWinFaxW.dll

regsvr32 /u SLXFramer.ocx