John Patrick Dandison

John Patrick Dandison

I like to build stuff. I started working with cloud platforms in late 2010, starting first in AWS before moving to Azure.

Microsoft, 2016 - current

Principal Program Manager, Identity Division 4/2020 - current

Developer advocacy - educating, explaining and assisting customers & developers using Microsoft identity platforms. Building a community of identity developers & enthusiasts via the 425 Show, scaling that community through others within our division. Internal advocacy to convert feedback and customer experiences into product enhancements for developers. Strong end-to-end focus, especially with developers using Azure & Office. Industry competition analysis, developer experience analysis & building with customers for novel and strategic priorities.

Cloud Solution Architect, US 10/2017 - 4/2020

Responsible for driving high priority customer initiatives on Azure in collaboration with customers and other Microsoft teams in the field. Accountable for the end-to-end customer cloud deployment experience, as new solutions are designed, developed and implemented.

Cloud Solution Architect, EPG 2/2016 - 10/2017

Responsible for advising, guiding & building with named customers.

Disintermediation Services, 2011 - current

Co-founder/Developer 2011 - current

Technical design & development. Built two implementations of a core proxy engine on both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Patents awarded on the work.

Cardinal Solutions, 2013-2016

Cloud Platform Solution Manager 10/2014 - 2/2016

Responsible for building and developing the cloud practice across five offices. Technical pre-sales, cloud enablement and advisory services, cloud enterprise architecture and application design. Grew cloud business from 2-3 clients into a nationally-recognized Azure partner and winner of the Intelligent Cloud Partner of the Year award for Microsoft’s central region, with 50+ cloud clients in a year.

Principal Consultant 11/2013 - 10/2014

Responsible for providing knowledge and tools to support consultants and sales staff in cloud technologies, including solution design and estimating, proof of concept code and developer training in Office 365 & Azure.

Decision Support, 2012 - 2013

Software Developer 7/2012 - 11/2013

Responsible for building apps on the modern Microsoft platform - Apps for Office & SharePoint 2013 (including Office 365), Windows 8 & Windows Azure.

Skanska USA 2008 - 2012

Senior Developer 5/2011 - 7/2012

Responsible for application development and design within a team of roughly ten developers; contributions include data architecture, SharePoint development, reporting, general app development & building applications using Windows 8, Kinect for Windows & WinRT. Also some Amazon cloud focus; EC2/VPC & scalable application design.

Software Developer 7/2008 - 5/2011

Developed & maintained new & existing LOB apps.

Bank of America, Software Developer, 2007 - 2008

The Todd Organization, Software Developer, 2005 - 2007