Why are we here?


The savior of enterprise collaboration. The document repository. The workflow engine. The BI platform. The social enterprise enabler. This is what we’ve been told. This is what we’ve been sold.

So why can’t I do this stuff?

Unfortunately, unless you have the money machine working at full tilt for consultants and/or you live within neuron-firing distance of 98052, chances are high your SharePoint environment is little more than a misunderstood, underused & unloved behemoth, a scourage to your users & the source of thousands of white papers on efficient data center cooling.

Don’t fool yourself — your data center staff is not amused at the Greenpeace rallies, the increase in hurricanes and that ‘hazardous materials’ placard they had to get to accomodate your 74TB of RAM’s worth of palladium since you decided to install SharePoint.

Why do you have SharePoint?

Here’s a question that will garner a myriad of responses. Since this blog is not in your head, if the answer is embarassing, you’re free to keep it to yourself. But answer honestly.

If it was because you read about it in InformationWeek, then I applaud the fact that you made it this far….but there’s a process meeting going on in Storage B the conference room right now, you had better get down there quickly.

I say this because there are lots of people who (attempt to) install SharePoint for the wrong reasons. If SharePoint is merely a buzzword or a checkbox on your annual bonus sheet, then, as the internet would say, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s not the case, however, for lots of places. The SharePoint Conference has grown exponentially each year (2010 & 2011 alum myself) — Vegas & sunny California can be persuasive. SharePoint has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years feature-wise, and we’re now at the beginning of a new era of SharePoint. Deployment, management, development & UX/UI are all fresh & new.

Next up — why I am here