Privacy policy

I don’t store, use or request personal information from you. I use Microsoft Application Insights for client-side debug, tracing & application performance info. App Insights may capture certain pieces of information, such as your browser & version, your IP and activity within the site. This information is stored for 90 days in Azure, and not used for any purposes except troubleshooting site problems, reviewing performance and determining which posts have the most traffic.

Any information voluntarily provided (e.g., through GitHub issues on this repository, or comment functionality) is not used for any purposes except the stated issue, e.g., responding to comments or issues.

Apps & sample code

I build lots of sample apps, code & other artifacts, usually discussed, shared and built on GitHub. Those projects are governed by individual licenses within their repos.

No warranties

None of my code has warranties. Use at your own risk.

Some apps describe, show, or implement identity-related topics. These apps may ask you to sign in with an existing account, such as a Google account, Microsoft Azure AD (‘work or school’) or Microsoft account (consumer, MSA), or other third-party identity services.

Most apps will have instructions or configuration for connecting the app to your own identity service. Some apps, however, will use a variety of identity systems owned & configured by jpda.

By signing-in or otherwise using those apps while connected to an identity system other than one under your control, you agree to voluntarily share any information provided by your identity system (e.g., your display name, your email address) to be stored within the app’s identity system.

No data in identity systems will be used for any other purposes except to provide the app/demo/service. As none of these apps/demos/services are production-grade services, attempts are made to keep data private within them, but is not guaranteed.

Human version

Most of the stuff I write is to illustrate a point or solve a problem. Don’t use code in production without examining it first, and don’t use production accounts for signing into third party identity systems without inspecting their code first. Any apps running are non-production unless explicitly noted otherwise, have no guarantees to security or availability.

This project is maintained by jpda