TenantDbContext for Table Storage

For anyone who’s used the ASP.net MVC templates with multi-organizational authentication, you’ll inevitably end up with a bunch of generated entity framework goo for keeping track of organizational certificate thumbprints for orgs who have logged into your app. This is lame. We’re creating two tables with a single column each in SQL?! I’ve never heard of a better use of table storage. Not to mention I’ve got to now pay for a SQL Azure instance, even if my app doesn’t need it.

This speaks to a larger issue — how frequently are we, as developers, using SQL by default? Do we really need relational data? Are we enforcing constraints in our service layer as we should? We are?! This makes SQL even more ridiculous in this scenario.

I decided to build one that uses table storage. You’ll need a few things

The VS solution is on github here: https://github.com/jpda/net-table-issuer-registry

It’s dependent upon Azure configuration and Azure storage. Licensed under MIT, if you find it useful I’d just ask you drop me a line and let me know what neat thing you’re working on!